For decades the International Sound Foundation has done work for the hearing impaired in Mexico, Costa Rica, Kenya, Fiji, Nepal, Kiribati, Tonga, Pakistan, Cayman Islands and more. Our foundation is based upon the idea that no one should suffer silence. We have physicians, nurses and other health practitioners in the social, sports and educational sectors that volunteer their time for us. We will provide basic medical procedures in conjunction with the local health authority of whichever country, region and city that are participating in the program to help alleviate hearing loss for chosen patients.

Some hearing loss can occur at or during birth, some develop slowly and start to take effect at an early age. The fact is that even if the hearing is restored, sometimes a speech impediment will remain, time is of the essence for young children and toddlers to receive treatment. Teenagers and young adults can benefit from ISF for treating conditions as well and also different educational opportunities that are available. Many conditions can be identified and treated through proper testing and basic medical procedures.


ISF collects new/used operational hearing aids and batteries for distribution to those at any age who are in need of a device. As our population ages many of these devices simply get thrown away because no one wants a used hearing aid.

WELL GUESS WHAT???....WE WILL TAKE EVERY SINGLE USED NEW WORKING HEARING AID WE CAN GET OUR HANDS ON!!! We will be very happy to receive these hearing aids, refurbish and make them available to those in need.

Facts on Hearing Loss

UN WORLD HEALTH STATS - 2017: Hearing loss is the worlds No. 1 disability. One-third of people over the age of 65 and two thirds over the age of 80 will be exposed to hearing loss. Also, undetected hearing loss in infant children sometimes results in speech defects, that are sometimes not correctable even if the hearing is restored. In addition, persons in their lifetime can lose hearing through injuries, infections and disease. The total number of persons suffering hearing loss worldwide is nearly 1 billion. The economic loss to all nations is unmeasurable, let alone the emotional trauma of deafness and hearing loss to all.